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Charlie The Plumber can send out a blockage specialist to any Sewer Blockage or Stormwater blockage at any home, business, commercial or industrial premises with blocked drains on the Gold Coast, Logan or Brisbane.

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Residential Commercial and Industrial Blocked Sewer and Stormwater Drains.

A blocked sewer or stormwater drain can be messy, inconvenient, cause damage to your property and be a health concern if not cleared correctly and in most circumstances will return if the cause is not eliminated or repaired. With highly trained plumbers who specialise in blocked drains and the use of the latest technology including high pressure drain cleaners, CCTV equipment (drain cameras), locating equipment and no dig pipe repairs, Charlie the Plumber is available to get your blocked sewer and stormwater drains cleared and repaired on the Gold Coast or in Logan and Brisbane as well as surrounding areas.

When sewer drains block, your toilets and internal drainage will start to back up very soon afterwards. Depending on where the blockage is located and the position of your overflow relief gully, you may be lucky enough to have the waste overflow outside your house rather than inside your house.

Either way, it’s cleaning up sewer waste is a very unpleasant, messy and if the waste overflows inside your property can be costly and unhygienic.Our highly trained plumbers will insert our high pressure drain cleaning equipment into the drain and feed the pressurised line down the drain. Once the head of the pressure cleaner reaches the blockage, five (5) fine high pressure water jets at approximately 5000psi discharges up to 32 litres per minute. With pressures this high discharge against the obstruction in the drain, more often than not the blockage is removed and we are able to inspect the drain with CCTV equipment to advise of any further issues that may not be evident without our plumber inspecting the internal condition of the underground drainage.

If you have a blocked sewer or stormwater drain on the Gold Coast, Logan or in Brisbane, call us now to chat with one of our friendly staff and schedule a plumber on (07) 5528 1414 (Gold Coast), (07) 3444 8639 (Logan) or (07) 3736 3149 (Brisbane).

Blocked drains don’t just happen, they are caused by an obstruction of some kind. It’s not uncommon for something to be flushed down the drain when it shouldn’t have, whether it’s a child’s toy, a shoe, a toilet duck/deodoriser or any other foreign object that has been become jammed you will need to have the blockage cleared. Also a common occurrence is a broken drain that has allowed tree roots to enter the drainage system. Either way, a blockage specialist from Charlie the Plumber will be able to attend site any provide the help you require.

As a home owner it is likely that you’ll experience a blocked drain at some stage. Signs of a possible blocked drain include sinks that take a long time to drain, gurgling noises in the drainage or toilets that are not flushing properly. In some cases, a plunger can be used to clear a blockage. In more serious cases where blockages persist, you’ll need to call in an expert plumber. It doesn’t matter how complex your blocked drain is, we have the expertise and equipment to diagnose the problem and fix it.

Do you have a blocked stormwater drain?

Blocked stormwater drains can very easily become more of an issue than blocked sewers. If and when you have a blocked sewer you will be able to stop using water and therefore most blocked sewers will stop rising and overflowing. A blocked stormwater drain that is connected to gutters and downpipes will continue to overflow while rain is falling and also have the potential to flood your home or business causing further damage and increasing costs. Be one step ahead and call Charlie the Plumber to schedule a CCTV inspection or clear a blockage on the Gold Coast, Logan or Brisbane before it’s too late.

We also do CCTV Pipe Inspections and Reports.

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We use the latest equipment to help us locate and diagnose the cause of any blocked drain and we’ll work efficiently to fix it for you with the least disruption to the drainage infrastructure. Our goal is to get your drains flowing again as soon as possible with the least amount of mess and disruption. Call us to book a plumber for the Gold Coast, Logan or Brisbane.

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