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Water leaks can be costly not only in usage charges but also in damage they can case to homes and buildings. If you have a water leak it is important that the leak source is identified accurately and quickly so it can be repaired.

Leak Detection & Water Service Leaks | Gold Coast | Charlie The Plumber

Call us when you need an expert plumber with the latest in leak detection tools and techniques to quickly locate and repair any leaking water pipes. Our techniques allow us to work using non-destructive methods so you don’t end up with your yard or garden all dug up. Charlie the Plumber will send out an experienced, friendly and reliable leak detection specialist who will pinpoint and mark the location of your leak before the plumber arrives to fix your problem in the least amount of time possible with the least cost and disruption to you.

It is possible to have a water leak within your water system without obvious visible signs of water. One sign you may have a water leak is if you notice a significant and unexpected increase to your regular water usage.

Before you call a plumber, a simple step you can take to test if you have a water leak is to take the reading from your water meter in the evening after you’ve finished using water. Make sure you don’t have a dishwasher or washing machine running and don’t turn on any taps or use water until the next meter read. Keep in mind even flushing a toilet can use several litres of water for each flush. In the morning before you start using water again, take another reading from your water meter. If your reading has increased and you know you haven’t used any water in between the two readings, you may well have a n undetected water leak.

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