Pre-Purchase Property Inspections

Our plumbers can perform pre-purchase property inspections on the Gold Coast, in Logan and Brisbane

The decision to purchase a home is a big one and there are many things you need to consider and check up on before signing on the line. Almost every property that is purchased has a pest and building inspection and report built into the terms and conditions by the purchaser. Have you ever thought about what condition the underground water service, stormwater drainage or sewer drainage is like?

Pre-Purchase Property Inspections | Gold Coast | Charlie The Plumber

Call Charlie the Plumber on the Gold Coast, in Logan or Brisbane and schedule a pre-purchase plumbing inspection today and you could be saving yourself thousands of dollars of repairs to water service pipework, stormwater drainage or sewer drainage.

With years of experience in pre-purchase plumbing inspections, Charlie the Plumber will carry out visual inspections and also pressure test the water service pipe work to determine if you have any hidden water service leaks located underground or in wall cavities. Our highly skilled pre-purchase inspection plumber(s) can also use our CCTV equipment to visually inspect your stormwater drains and sewer drains to check for any blockages, breaks or obstructions located underground and out of site.

It is not uncommon for Charlie the Plumber to locate hidden issues with leaking water service pipes or broken drains under-ground during a pre-purchase property inspection. When an issue is located video footage and photographs are taken and supplied to the client showing proof of damage found. We are also able to advise of the location and depth of the break in drains – whether they be under grass or under concrete.

Other inspections and or tests carried out include:

  1. Water efficiency of the property – listing any outlets that use excessive water
  2. Testing for leaking toilets and taps
  3. Hot water unit inspection advising on condition, age and compliance levels of hot water units
  4. Temperature of hot water in bathrooms – stating if excessive or poor temperatures
  5. Tempering valve age and compliance condition of any/ all tempering valves
  6. Water pressures at property – advising if excessive or poor
  7. Roof inspections – depending on high of building and access to roof areas
  8. Gutter and downpipe conditions
  9. Flexible connectors for toilets and tapware – reporting condition and age if possible (should be replaced every 10 years)

Once our plumber completes the inspection, a report can be generated listing areas inspected and any issues found that need to be addressed. A budget price for repairs needed can be supplied with any video evidence taken. This can then be used to negotiate with the real estate agent on reducing the purchase price of the property or passed onto the vendor to be repaired before the settlement of the sale/purchase of property.

We provide pre-purchase property inspections

Getting in a plumber for a pre-purchase property inspection is just as important as checking the building structure, electrical and wiring and for termites/pests. If there is a problem with plumbing, it’s best to find out about it before you make the final purchasing decision. Knowledge is power, so give Charlie The Plumber a call and we’ll arrange a comprehensive pre-purchase property inspection on the Gold Coast, Logan or Brisbane. Our convenient business hours are Monday to Friday from 7:30am to 4:00pm.

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