Roof Leak Repairs

Get a fast and professional roof leak repair on the Gold Coast

Roofs can leak for many reasons. Sometimes you find out the hard way after a heavy downpour of rain. Other leaks are more subtle or isolated. Whatever type of roof leak you have, you can trust Charlie The Plumber to get it fixed promptly and properly.

Roof Leak Repairs | Gold Coast | Charlie The Plumber

Residential roof leak repair

Any roof leak can cause damage to the roof itself as well as any items or furniture that it’s protecting. Unless you witness the leak at the time it occurs, it can be difficult to find the source without the right experience and equipment. The sooner you call us for a roof leak repair the less the damage and cost you will end up with.

Commercial roof leak repair and industrial roof leak repair

We’ll attend any commercial premise. A leaking roof can be disastrous for a business if it’s not fixed as soon as possible. Unlike most house roofs, commercial and industrial roofs can present some unique challenges. Whatever they are, at Charlie The Plumber, we have the right specialist equipment and skills to work with roofs on almost any commercial structure or building such as hospitals, schools, factories, high-rise complexes and residential apartment blocks.

We understand that roof leaks most often occur at the most inconvenient times. Got an emergency that requires an afterhours roof leak repair? Call us anytime and we’ll find the leak and put a permanent stop to it.

Don’t’ leave roof leak repair until it’s too late

Call Charlie The Plumber anytime for emergency roof leak repairs or plumber services. When you choose us you’ll always get a highly skilled plumber who can manage virtually any plumbing job you have. We are qualified as gas plumbers too, so whatever plumbing work you need, whether it’s gas, sewage or water we can help.

Our specialised leak detection equipment means we can isolate even the tiniest leak that is hidden underground. Wherever possible we use non-destructive methods to repair pipes. Our regular hours of business are Monday to Friday between 7:30am and 4:00pm.

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