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About water efficiency certificates

Most people are conscientious about choosing water efficient taps and toilets to help reduce water costs. If you are unsure if your property is water efficient call Charlie the Plumber to your property on the Gold Coast, in Logan or Brisbane for a water efficiency audit.

Water Efficiency Certificates | Gold Coast | Charlie The Plumber

Charlie The Plumber are accredited under the Queensland Water Commission as Water Efficiency Assessors (WEA). Our WEA registration number is W010140.

Inefficient toilet cisterns and taps increase water use significantly which will most likely cause you to have an excess water bill. Even small undetected water leaks on toilet cisterns may be using up more water than you would otherwise use.

Home Owners

As a home owner, you can call us in to complete a thorough check on your household water systems. Simple things like new fixtures and fittings or a dual flush toilet cisterns can make a significant difference to how much you pay for water over a long-term period like a year.

Installing a dual flush toilet can save over 64% of water every flush while water efficient showers can save up to 11 litres of water every minute. Installing water efficient taps or fittings to water service pipe work will reduce the amount of water wasted even further.

Rental property managers and rental property Owners

In order to legally charge a tenant for water usage on the Gold Coast, in Logan and Brisbane the rental property must have an official water efficiency certification issued by an accredited licenced plumber. It also needs to be stipulated in the tenancy agreement that the tenant is responsible for paying for the property’s water usage. If your property has its own individual water meter, we can carry out an inspection and water audit to check that the property meets all the requirements needed to be certified as water efficient. Where necessary we can install flow restrictors or replace taps, shower heads and toilet cisterns that are found to be inefficient and non-compliant.

Call us for fast water efficiency certificates

One way to make sure your property is as water efficient as possible is to call Charlie The Plumber and arrange for one of our experts in water efficiency certificates to visit your home or business.
Along with issuing water efficiency certificates our expert plumber perform pressure test on the water service to check for any undetected water service leaks that below ground and out of sight. We can provide a professional Leak Detection Service to find and repair undetected water service leaks that have not yet been visually noticed above ground. We use the latest in technology for detecting any leak and we will repair underground pipes quickly and efficiently before cleaning up after ourselves.

Our plumbers are highly skilled and fully qualified. All of our plumbers on the Gold Coast, in Logan and Brisbane are licensed, so when you call Charlie the Plumber you can be sure that the job is in safe hands.

Check out other water saving tips on our helpful hints page.

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